Personalizing The Process

In 21st Century America, there are a lot of options for the aspiring author. You could try the traditional route and litter your apartment with rejection letters from the large New York publishing houses, or you can shop around online and find a relatively inexpensive self-publishing company. The common denominators here are that what you wind up with will not resemble what you originally envisioned, and both the traditional presses and the self-publishing companies only care about making money for themselves. They don’t care about the quality of your work. They don’t care that you spent years writing and rewriting your book.

Bilbo Books operates under a different philosophy. We personalize the process. We join the author on the journey of writing, editing, printing and publicizing the book. We do this because we love books and want to see good books on the shelves. As authors ourselves, we intimately know how difficult it is to write. We know that it takes time, sweat and tears. We know that sometimes authors need a little help. We know that you need someone to help guide you through the wilderness. Lewis and Clark had Sacagawea. Dante had Virgil. You have Bilbo Books.