Our Philosophy

We at Bilbo Books take our motto, “Personalize the Process,” seriously. Unlike the traditional publishing houses who will probably never even open your manuscript unless you are already famous, or the self-publishing outfits out there who only exist to take your money and churn out a substandard version of what you, the author, envision as your book – Bilbo Books is different. We meet with you. We look you in the eye. We are authors and, therefore, can see the publishing process from the author’s point of view. We founded this company because we know that there are thousands of worthy book ideas that would never become anything other than a brilliant manuscript collecting dust in someone’s desk drawer unless there was a publisher willing to take the time and expend the energy to create literature the way it once was created… and still can be. A close relationship between author, editor and publisher is still possible, but only if the publisher is willing to “Personalize the Process.” We are. Authors deserve nothing less.