what’s your story?

Everyone has a unique and powerful story to tell. But how do you get started? Learn how at Bilbo Books Publishing we work to “Personalize the Process” by guiding you through the complete publishing life cycle in a manner that engages your creativity and honors your story.

personalizing the process

William Bray and Bowen Craig of Bilbo Books Publishing enabled me to fulfill one of my life-long dreams of writing my memoirs. Weekly meetings with a writer’s group that shared similar goals, heartwarming memories, and constructive criticism in addition to the expert editing of Bilbo Books, allowed my book to become a reality. The beauty of the entire project is that Bill and Bo effortlessly walked me through all the stages, from simply scribbling down simple sentences to composing complete chapters. They also provided a printer and arranged several book signings.
        —Kathleen Wright

Bilbo Books was a great help to me when I wrote my autobiography. Their guidance was the only thing that made this book possible. I would recommend them to anyone!
        —Eleanor Moylan