Our Team

(Co-founder) William E. Bray is an author, an arts administrator, the founder of one of the nation’s first alternative newspapers, a filmmaker, a teacher, and about thirty other things. He has studied at some of the most distinguished universities in the western world, including Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, Oriole College at Oxford University, and the University of Georgia. His Georgia Fine Arts Academy (a non-profit organization founded in 1980) has helped hundreds of young, aspiring visual artists, actors, filmmakers, architects, and writers achieve their dreams for decades. The academy has also helped children with developmental disabilities and underprivileged students round out their education and discover a larger world. He is a teacher, a mentor and someone who has worked all his life to make this a better world for the next generation.

(Co-founder) Bowen Craig is an author and editor. He wrote his first book at age twelve. Craig has been editing since age seven (his mother was an English professor whose students were unaware that their professor’s elementary school-age son was grading their papers).  He has written three novels and has contributed to newspapers, magazines, blogs, theatrical shows and films. He was graduated from Davidson College and has studied at Flagler College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has also worked as a psychiatric social worker, an environmental fundraiser/lobbyist, and as a teacher.

Bilbo Books contracts with various graphic artists. We have numerous readers of various backgrounds to copy edit manuscripts and provide those all-important “fresh eyes.” Some of these readers are retired teachers, some are writers, some are former clients, and one is co-founder, Bowen Craig’s, mother. We at Bilbo Books appreciate the importance of family. That’s why we’ve shepherded so many memoirs into existence. 

We believe that every life is a snowflake, utterly unique, intricate and beautiful. Everyone should write his or her memoir. It’s a sure way to know that generations of your family yet unborn will know who you are and be more self-aware through the time-tested tradition of knowing from whence they came.

contact us at: bilbobookspublishing@gmail.com